DIY Body Wraps (with household items)

Alright, everyone! After getting all the pictures together I can finally share with you the secret to DIY body wraps, and I can almost garuntee you’ll have the supplies at home. 

So first off I’m just going to let you know how I got the idea to do body wraps at home. A really good friend of my started distributing “It Works!” products and body wraps. Seeing post after post on Facebook (and going on a trip to visit her) I was really curious. She told me that body wraps are more aimed for the people  who have already lost the weight and are focusing on tightening and toning. I haven’t lost the weight I want to lose yet so I was a bit premature. But who cares! It was fun. 

I’m not the kind of girl who has the money to pay for name brand, or even knock off, body wraps so a DIY version was the best choice for me. Pin after pin on Pinterest and I saw a theme: lotion and surran wrap. 

Speaking of, here is what you need:

  1. Body lotion (literally any type. I used Equate Oatmeal moisturizing body lotion and smelled amazing after 😉) 
  2. Surran wrap/Cling wrap (I just used the Glad brand wrap I had at home and it was perfect)

Now for the fun part! You need to rub on a fair amount of the lotion, but do no rub it all the way in. The goal is to have a thicker layer of lotion that you will make you sweat. 
After the area is covered take the roll of surran wrap from the box and start wrapping it around your body. Now remember: it is also referred to as cling wrap for a reason! If you want to be able to control where the surran wrap is going you have to give it some slack. 

These are from before I wrapped my stomach:

And this is what it looked like after I wrapped my stomach:

So I set my timer for 2 hours and caught up on some homework. The surran wrap didn’t slip or slide while I moved, even if I felt like it had. After 2 hours with this thing on I finally took it off, hopped in the shower to rinse of the extra cream and looked like this…

Okay, okay, nothing to impressive when you look at it but put the before and after side by side and:

You can physically see a difference. Not a huge one, but it’s noticeable! I had a fun experience with it and it turned out really positive. 

*I am not a doctor. I cannot garuntee any specific outcome and suggest you see your doctor prior to trying this if you are ill, pregnant, nursing, etc.*

Let me know what you guys thought and if you have any questions/concerns/suggestions for/about this beaut hack or any future beauty hacks. 

Lots of love,

Kasha Dawn


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