Experiments Night!

So tonight I tried one of those “DIY body wraps” that everyone has been crazed about!  I’m totally not used to this blogging thing yes so I didn’t document this one with pictures very well but I do have a few that I will post tomorrow. I want to wait and get the extra picture for a couple hours later! 

My initial thoughts: painless and simple, which is really nice for lazy people like me. Smear on some moisturizing lotions and a few wraps of cling wrap and you are set for a few hours. 

And I do mean a FEW hours. Lots of ladies say to leave the wraps  on all night, which is okay for some, but not most. Unless you are extremely hydrated you shouldn’t leave the wrap on more than 2 hours. This wrap is helping these specific areas sweat and shed the water weight you have stored in your body. If you leave the wraps on to long you are sweating to much and will become dehydrated. As tempting as it is to want to leave it on all night and become a skinny little thing lover night, be safe and give it a few tries. 

Speaking of, do not do this more than 3 times a month!! I’d go with 2 times, to be safe. Once every two weeks will maintain, and some times even further the results. Because the weight/inches you lost were from water weight you are going to want to keep the water weight off for maximum results. To do that, you need to consume more water! Weird, I know, to get rid of it you need more of it and blah blah blah… 

I can see at least a half inch to an inch of difference on my stomach right now, hopefully I can still see it in the morning! I will list ingredients and share details of the process tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Kasha Dawn 💕


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