Welcome to my Wonderland

Welcome, everyone, to my Wonderland!
I have two paths that I dream of following. Now, the first path, is the path of insanity. The path that will always be far fetched and crazy. I call it: My Future. My Future is the reality that takes me, a teenage country singer from a small city in Canada, to a big international musician. I will headline world tours and see my name in bright lights. There will be people who hang posters of me on their walls and people will know the words to my songs because they have heard it so many times on the radio. I’ll be a star!
The second path is what I call: Plan B. The sane path. I don’t call it Plan B because I don’t like the idea of this reality, I call it Plan B because it helps me remember that I will always have another choice. With Plan B, I don’t end up catching my big break and signing to a huge record label. I end up being someone who has a 9-5 job that I might not love all the time. I have a simple home, on a street close to a school for my kids to attend. I’ll be a wife who loves to come home to her husband and see her family smile when they say goodnight. I’ll worry about money sometimes and wish I could win the lottery but I will still love the life I have.
Both of those paths sound pretty great to me, actually. That’s why I want them both. I want My Future to mix with my Plan B and turn out to be one awesome Mega-Future! I’ll be a kick-ass country singer who tours the world and records music in studios everywhere. But the best part? My family will be on the road with me. My kids and husband will join me every step of the way (especially because my current boyfriend, and future husband, is a drummer). So basically, this blog here is going to help determine what path I follow, if I can actually stick to one.
I may not be the most interesting person and I might not have 5 star posts all the time but I’m going to try my best to be as entertaining as possible.
Lots of love,

Kasha Dawn


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