Out For Dinner

Hey guys! 

So I get a text from my man around dinner time yesterday saying he’s putting in overtime at work today and when he gets home he wants to take me out for a nice dinner. We haven’t gone on a date in…forever! We’ve been together 3 years and don’t go on many “dates” together, though we spend every second together. 

Anyway, the reason I’m posting is because, as I’m getting ready, I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat. I’m currently on Weight Watchers and have been doing well (I’ve almost lost 10 pounds!!!). I don’t want to go out tonight and eat all my daily and weekly points away, so what do I eat? 

*Yes, I am thinking in weight watchers points for myself but this can work for anyone trying to watch what they eat when they go out for dinner. 

Well, here are a few rules I live by when I go out for a dinner I want to enjoy, not cry about afterwards  

Drink water. 

People tend to splurge when they go out to a nice restaurant and by themselves a fancy cocktail or a nice cold beer. Alcohol has so much sugar and is a big thumbs down when it comes to watching now your figure. I suggest drinking ice water to eliminate a few of those extra calories. Plus, it save you same money and you can add lemon or lime to spice it up a little!

Share/Don’t order dessert. 

Two sad but smart things to do when out for dinner. Split you dessert with a friend, that way you’re both saving calories and money! Although it might cause some issues when you have to decide who gets the last bite…

You can always just not order dessert. Plain and simple, the best way to watch your weight is say no to junk

Will power doesn’t come easy, so if you slip up and eat an entire brownie big enough to feed three people, well, just smile and say “I had a great time and tomorrow is a new day”. Whatever your choice is, you are being healthy in some way; even if it’s mental happiness of eating dessert. 

Order a “side” size. 

Most restaurants offer soups/salads/entrees in a side portion, meaning the same meal but smaller. Just as delicious, but portioned more for one person. See, restaurants tend to play tricks on your mind. 

Have you ever heard about colours being able to make you hungry? Or how certain colours make you spend more money? Well sometimes a restaurant will use these psychological tricks on your brain when you least expect it. Truth is, a lot of the side size portions are actually made for one person. The just say “side” in front of it to make you think it’s smaller. 

And as much as I’d like to think I’m all knowing, I believe I am out of tips! These are my three rules to live by when eating out at a restaurant. Do you have any tricks you use that I didn’t list? Any tips or hacks you want to share? Please leave them in the comments, if really love to see them! 

Lots of love,

(And best of luck on your meal out)

Kasha Dawn


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